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Hiya everyone~

Just want to give a quick announcement. Just want to say please boycott the Thunder Kid manga due to being a poor example to kids please, thank you everyone for your time.~

(And if you know who you are, is reading this, this is how I how I would go about trying to get you down, not with helpful advise. Like, how non-logical on your part. Sheeez )

Muffins F.T.W. Reviewed!

Our very own Marshmellow Muffin just recently received her first review from one of our newest members Kokoro Hane.  The review is on Marshie's one-shot Muffins F.T.W. which first premiered in the DREAM Manga Magazine in June 2008 and concluded the following August.

"Marshmellow Muffin is the manga-ka of such titles as Stealer, 1WishRoses, and her latest project, The World Stops. This is, from what I know of anyway, her first and only one-shot.

"Muffins F.T.W." begins with a sad muffin named Muffin. She is sad because Pencil did not show up, and is spending more time with Cupcake. Suddenly, the Muffin Queen appears, and turns Muffin into The Muffin Princess! Now as the Muffin Princess, she goes to look for Pencil to confess her true feelings. That's all I can say for now, or I'll spoil it ^.-

-Kokoro Hane

Read the rest of Hane's review of Marshie's work here! 

DREAM Issue 35 October 2010

Hey everybody!  Welcome to October 2010, and welcome as well to the newest issue of the DREAM Manga Magazine!  The first thing you'll notice is the upgrade to the Table of Contents, which is evolving into something more stylized and modern.  Something that will help upgrade our identity.

For our manga we have the usual from the Even Team, including a brand new manga title Kuro Shouri from our new member Kikirini.  This issue also features the return of Selena's Tales of Riona and my manga ThunderKid as the former concludes a chapter and the latter begins a new one!  And Marshellow Muffin has a special treat as The World Stops comes back in a special info chapter explaining the kids a little bit.

But for all our new and returning manga, alas we will be saying goodbye to one of them.  Namely Vervain's We Will Draw Near series which will be moving on to be featured in another manga magazine that will be seeing actual publication.  Let's all support the Shiny One as he makes this big move!  Of course he'll still be available to submit something every now and then.  And he'll always be a DREAM mangaka no matter where he goes.

So with that, enjoy!

My Original Manga

As you well know, OneManga stopped their manga viewer as of the end of July 2010. Mostly  because they were showing licensed manga for free.  But several people questioned them if it would be okay to host manga works done by originals. So now, the forum is allowing members to post and discuss each others original manga! Whether or not this will turn into something bigger we don't know as yet, but for now this option is available.

DREAM Issue 34 Anniversary 3

Happy Third Anniversary to DREAM and all it's crew past and present!  Well the 34th issue is here at last with the usual fare is in full force including DanaBoBana's On the Bright Side and Arcadia's Mascara.  Additionally we have guest artist Neko Chan with her title Dream Destroyer and an old mangaka Miro Rio aka Cherry Rice the author of A Frute Year (see issues 4, 6, 8, 10, and 14) presenting a short manga with our mascots Gen and Yume!   And don't forget to check out Chikage Godo's Disney DREAM Project: Cinderella, Marshmellow Muffin's The World Stops special My World Stops, her one-shot Greeting the Mail, and a special viewing of the DREAM Manga Collab Chapter 1!

Make sure to lend your comments and replies to our folks in the DREAM Forums.  A big resurgence in topics is underway as we speak and we hope that you'll be part of it.  Until next month!


It's almost time for the BIG issue of Dream! What have you gotten done! What did you want to put into it? 8D

I'm going to screw the rules and turn in my art junk 21-ish......maybe 22-ish...cause..... I'm just that not cool. .-.


Hey DREAM Readers!  Looking for an anime convention in your neck of the woods?  Hoping to set up a table to sell your goods?  You can keep abreast of all the conventions that are coming up on AnimeCons- The Anime Convention Nexus.  This is the place to go to check up on what big conventions are coming up.  You may even find some that you never even heard of before.  I know I have.

Here's what's on stage for the remainder of August:
  • Manifest                             August 20-22, 2010         Melbourne Showgrounds Melbourne, VIC Australia
  • Mizu Con                           August 20-22, 2010         Hyatt Regency Miami Miami, FL
  • Abunai                               August 27-29, 2010         NH Koningshof Veldhoven, Netherlands
  • Chibi-Pa                            August 27-29, 2010         Hilton Palm Beach Airport West Palm Beach, FL
  • FanExpo Canada             August 27-29, 2010         Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto, Ontario
  • Inochicon                           August 27-29, 2010         Loews Philadelphia Hotel Philadelphia, PA
  • Nom-Con                           August 27-29, 2010         D4 Hotels Ballsbridge Inn & Towers Dublin, Ireland
For more information just visit the sites.  Happy convention-ing!

To wanting to publish manga people

For anyone who came to the panel on day 1 of the con please give use a day or two to get the tutorials and going. Until then~~~~ Lets keep drawing! ^o^


Welcome to the Dream manga's LJ community! Post what ever comes to mind...But that's also why we have the forum. xD;;